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Our local fresh cut flowers

Applecross Croft sell fresh cut flowers grown in Applecross. Our flowers are usually available from about April/May until August/September. We use organic principles as much as possible on our croft though we do not have organic status. We are very much small-scale flower growers and we cannot guarantee orders as the local wildlife also loves our flowers – birds, mice, voles, sheep, weather and many other natural issues can leave us without the flowers we expected.

Our floral style is a relaxed, creative flourish rather than formal arrangements.

You can contact us through our Facebook page @ApplecrossCroft.

Bunches of flowers 

As we recover from decreased demand for our flowers during the last two years of the pandemic, we have scaled back our flower production for 2022 while we assess future market demand. We are still selling flowers in 2022 but cannot guarantee availability. A regular bunch of our Applecross-grown flowers starts at £25 plus £5 for delivery only in the southern end of the Applecross Peninsula at this time (larger size bunches are available) . Flowers are cut to order so please give us at least a few days notice of your order. If you prefer, and you are local, you can collect from us to avoid the delivery charge. 


We do sell tulips and sweet peas starting at £15 a bunch when available.  Delivery £5 or pick up direct from us. We will announce when these are available on Facebook so follow us @ApplecrossCroft. Larger bunches are available.

Wrap and ribbons

In general we hand tie our bunches with jute twine and ribbons. We are looking into natural raffia ribbon as an option as well as the satin ribbon we currently use. 

Flower subscriptions –
south end of the Applecross peninsula

We already have regular customers who buy flowers from us most weeks during our flowering season. If you purchase at least two bunches a month for the flowering season we deliver your flowers free of charge for £20 per bunch. If you are interested just get in touch to find out more. Only available in the South end of the Applecross peninsula


During the coronavirus pandemic we prefer payment by bank transfer. We take measures to make our picking and delivery process safe. Flower pick up can be arranged to be contact free.


You can pay us in cash or by bank transfer.

Help them last

Cut flowers will last longer if you:

  • keep them out of direct sun and heat
  • have beautifully clean vases and change the water frequently 
  • trim the stems after a few days to remove any blockages
  • consider putting your flowers somewhere cool overnight 


Bunches of flowers may well contain insects as they are grown outside and we do not treat them with anything to kill stowaways. If you do not like the idea of flowers with the occasional insect then our flowers are not for you.

Important warning

Keep flowers out of reach of all pets and young children as ingesting them and/or touching them may cause ill effects. Never eat any of our flowers or foliage even though we may include herbs, etc., in our flower bunches. Some flowers and foliage can cause irritation to the skin so handle them carefully. 

If you are not happy with your flowers

Flowers are part of nature and can behave unpredictably. If you feel your bunch of flowers has done something unpredictable that you are not happy about, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We want, wherever possible, to make sure you are happy with your flowers.

Compost is good for the planet

Once your flowers are at an end please think about adding them to your compost heap rather than the bin. If you don’t have a compost heap we can compost them for you on the croft.

Learning as we go

We are new to selling flowers and are gradually building our capacity.  Thank you for supporting us as we grow.